Thursday, February 17, 2011


Bhutan is an absolutely unbelievable place -- one of the most amazing journeys of our lives to date.  The country is pristine and beautiful, virtually untouched by western industrialization.  Life is simple and functional, the people are happy, compassionate, content, and always smiling.  Never have we encountered such genuine or friendly souls.  We hiked through villages, were invited into people's homes for black tea and puffed rice, witnessed monks chanting, saw monkeys, yaks and cranes, visited Dzongs and witnessed festivals and ceremonial dances, learned about Buddhism, visited a local Basic Health Unit, hiked up to the infamous Tiger's Nest, flew by Mt. Everest on the same plane with one of the Crown Princes of Bhutan, and dined on delicious Bhutanese and Indian foods.... just to name a few highlights.  We cannot wait to go back!